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About me

Emma Goodburn

  • BSc(Hons) Midwifery (First)

  • NNEB Nursery Nursing

  • KGH Hypnobirthing DipHb(KGH)

  • Doula UK member
  • Nurturing Birth Doula
  • Member of local MVP (Maternity Voices Partnership) 
  • Access Fund Doula (Doula UK) and Doulas without Borders (DWB) volunteer, supporting vulnerable people during pregnancy and new parents.


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"My aim is to offer support to all parents-to-be, for them to empower themselves to make their own choices, whatever circumstances they are in. I have always believed that birth can be a natural process, if we are able to access our own innate resources and instincts, without unnecessary disturbance. This is of course not always possible when there are medical or other factors to consider. Regardless of where and how you birth, I believe you should feel safe, nurtured and in control.

I am comfortable working in all birth settings, home, hospital and theatre. I can provide the continuity of care, that sometimes is unfortunately not able to be given within the NHS, due to work load or other pressures on the current Maternity services. I work alongside (not replacing or against) your Midwives and Maternity team, with you at the centre. I do not have to follow protocol, I follow what you choose for yourself.

Having qualified as a Nursery Nurse, I worked as a full time Nanny in sole charge of babies and children from birth to five years old. I then married and birthed three children of my own. I later worked as 'Nursery Nurse in Charge' of a baby unit at a Day Nursery, then left to go to University. I gained a First Class Honours Degree in Midwifery. I worked as a Midwife in two NHS hospitals, on labour and postnatal wards and in a fantastic Birth Centre. I chose to leave midwifery to become a Doula. I studied with Nurturing Birth and am now a Birth and Postnatal Doula on the Doula UK register, the Nurturing Birth Directory and a Hypnobirthing Teacher on the KGH directory.


I am privileged to have been present at hundreds of births in many different circumstances. Each one unique. I have shared the complex emotions of people becoming new parents, or with their growing families. There is no one way to do any of it, everyone will find their own way. My role is to encourage and support, as people trust their own instincts.


I was thrilled to be birth partner for my eldest daughter, at the beautiful homebirth of my granddaughter. I was then delighted to be there for her home waterbirth of my grandson. I am enjoying being a Nana, and it adds a new dimension to my understanding of parents and families.

During my study for my Midwifery Degree, I chose to visit  the Midwifery Centre at 'The Farm' in Tennessee, USA.

Ina May Gaskin (author 'Guide to Childbirth' and 'Spiritual Midwifery') and inspirational colleagues Pamela Hunt, Deborah Flowers and more midwives in the team, gave us insight in to their successful practice. I was lucky enough to stay in a cabin by the clinic, and attend daily workshops. I left there with many incredibly useful, practical skills, which I still use in my Doula practice. 

Please do contact me to have an informal chat/email about what level of support you feel I could offer. Flexible, individualised support to suit you. I am able to offer courses/support in my office 'THE SNUG' at GOODBIRTH or in the comfort of your home, or via live zoom sessions.'' 

I am a Doula UK Access Fund Doula, which helps birthing people from vulnerable groups or with financial restrictions to access support. See the Doula UK website for information.

I am raising funds for this, please use the CODE GOODBIRTH- 10 on products from  for 10 % DISCOUNT ON £30 + ORDERS. Baby wearing has huge benefits for parents and babies, and this company, which is local to me, has beautiful baby wearing products and resources.


I visited ‘The Farm’ Midwifery Centre in
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