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GOODBIRTH is committed to safeguarding your personal information. The purpose of this document is to explain what is collected, how and why. The new General Data Protection Regulations require that this is accessible information for you.


This may include your name, address, email, telephone number, and any personal information you disclose about a pregnancy or your health. The information you provide may be given via a form on the GOODBIRTH website which is created through WIX, through Doula UK, Nurturing Birth or other online company or directory. These companies have their own privacy policies. Information may be provided by you through email or on a handwritten form. Some information may be sent to GOODBIRTH via Royal Mail. There are general risks to these methods.

The information is required by GOODBIRTH to provide a personalised service to you. It is required to ensure accurate records for insurance and legal responsibilities.

Sharing information

Your personal information will only be used by myself at GOODBIRTH. I do not employ anyone else. It will not be passed to any other person or company unless your permission has been sought and given.

On occasion client cases may be discussed with colleagues. This would be with your prior permission, and your identity would remain confidential. If discussed on a closed online forum with colleagues (such as Doula UK) it would be with your permission or on an anonymous basis not disclosing any personal confidential information or revealing your identity.

Storing information

Your information will be stored on password protected devices; any paper based information will be locked securely. Information carried by me to visits for example, will be abbreviated to minimise the risk of being understood or useable by another person if lost or stolen.

Personal data will be kept for up to 8 years. It would be shared if I am required to by law.

You can request to access or amend your personal information at any time. When signing a contract with GOODBIRTH you have an option to request any further information about how, where and how long your personal data is stored.

If any photographs are taken, it would be with your permission and not shared or shown publically without your prior permission.

If you have any concerns, questions or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am a small business and have good intent to protect your privacy.


Privacy Policy

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