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"to sum up why Emma is such a fantastic Doula is a very hard thing to do.... We knew very early on we wanted a Doula and after meeting Emma for the first time we knew she was perfect for us. Emma made us feel so excited and empowered with our choices during pregnancy and birth. If you are looking for someone who is supportive of all your choices Emma is your lady, not to mention how kind and caring she is. Emma will always be a very special lady to us, we truly feel that having her at the birth of our little boy was a privilege."

L-Birth Doula client

 "the support given throughout the whole pregnancy, but particularly the last few weeks, I found invaluable. It is so empowering knowing you've somebody you can ask any  question to and they have the time to answer and explain everything to you. Emma from the first meeting was a breath of fresh air. She immediately knew on discussing our previous experiences, how best to support us."

S-Birth Doula client

"Emma seemed to instinctively know what I needed as well as my partner in a non invasive way. I was so glad she was there. She was excellent at communicating with me in concise language at exactly the right time. It was immensely reassuring. I would recommend her to anyone considering having a Doula. A Doula supports you to have the birth that you want and can support you through the difficult decisions that sometimes need to be made. An invaluable support through one of the most important moments of your life."

G-Birth Doula client


"I am so grateful to have met her. She has helped me and my husband feel so calm and ready this time round, thankyou KGH hypnobirthing"

D-Hypnobirthing client

"we simply don't have the words to describe how much your support has meant to us during our pregnancy and birth.."

E-Birth client

"would positively recommend. Warm and friendly without being overbearing, clear with boundaries, sensitive to our history and our needs. Previous training as a midwife reassured us that her knowledge was comprehensive, but she was clear that she would not be acting in that role-but as our Doula. Generous with her time and genuinely caring."

S-Birth client

''Our lessons were so informative and so relaxed we felt comfortable talking to Emma.. I have come away with great knowledge that I can use even now in every day life.. You will not be disappointed if you are unsure on hypnobirthing and/or Doula then please give Emma a call she will put all your worries at ease and make you feel thoroughly empowered''

D- Hypnobirthing and birth client.

"Emma is very skilled at adapting to suit any situation. She is a very calming and reassuring presence, with just the right amount of empathy and sympathy. She is encouraging and enabling, happy to answer my endless questions, take phone calls in the middle of the night (!) and generally be there come what may. She never offered her opinion or advice, but always gave me balanced information and supported me fully in my decisions. This was tremendously important to me"

L-Birth Doula and Postnatal client

"We are so grateful for the very very special classes. Really can't thank you enough for your knowledge and wisdom."

S-Hypnobirthing client

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