Postnatal services



some services are offered in person, some via video calls or zoom sessions

Free support via email/telephone/Whatsapp is available for 30 mins for those in need.

Postnatal support and feeding support is available via telephone/email/Whatsapp/video calls virtual package.

Please contact me for a package to suit your individual needs


I will support you during your first days as a new parent or a growing family. You will soon gain confidence in the practical skills of caring for your newborn baby (or babies!). I will support you with whatever parenting or feeding methods you choose. I can help to maintain a ‘cocoon-like’ environment for you and your baby, allowing you freedom to enjoy getting to know each other without distraction. A ‘Babymoon’ will help you to bond with your baby, or enjoy un-interrupted skin to skin contact, time to establish feeding, or comfort to recover from the birth. Support will mean different things to different families, so please let me know how I can help. I can support with feeding, handling, bathing, changing, settling baby. I can help with light household duties (dishes, hanging laundry, ironing, feed pets water plants etc), running your bath or watching baby while you shower, dress or rest. I can answer the door/telephone and make your excuses if you need to sleep. I will be in your home and respect your privacy. My main purpose is to support you to have time, freedom and space to relax, get to know your baby and gain confidence at trusting your own instincts. They are always right! 

Having a postnatal Doula may be about having the practical reassurance that there is another pair of hands, or you may need more emotional reassurance. I am not there to tell you how to do things, but to help you find your own way of doing things that work for you, your baby and your family.

I know (and remember clearly!) how overwhelming it can feel with your new baby, whether its your first, second or third......or more... I will be there, in a non judgemental way, to support and help until you are feeling more comfortable.

Just remember, you never need to be clean/tidy or even out of your PJ'S before I turn up! I will provide my own meals.


I have experience with many postnatal issues and problems. I can support those recovering from caesarean section, instrumental or traumatic delivery ,or complicated personal circumstances. (Please see menu for high risk pregnancy). I can offer support with breast/chest feeding, expressing, mixed or bottle/formula feeding, jaundiced, or low birth weight babies. Some babies may require extra support if they have special needs, have a tongue tie, cleft lip/palate, or babies returning from the special care baby unit (SCBU otherwise known as neonatal unit (NNU). I am a 'recognised' Postnatal Doula registered with Doula UK, and a qualified Nursery Nurse (NNEB).  I also offer  MATERNITY NURSING AND NIGHT SUPPORT.                                     

Postnatal support.

This would be at times to suit your individual needs and can be flexible.

Daytime support anytime between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (minimum 3 hours)

from £12 per hour*

For a discount, a minimum of 20 hours of home visits in sessions at least 3 hours long can be arranged for £200 

You may want all sessions close together for a short period of time (e.g. all in first two weeks) or spread out, as little as you wish per week for a longer time (to be used within 6 weeks). You may just feel a 3 hour visit once a week is enough for you. 

If you find that you would like postnatal Doula support at a later date do contact me (until around 9 months after birth).

Virtual Postnatal Doula-

video calls/whatsapp/email/text messaging support

Package available from £25

Full package over 6 weeks from £50

Practical and emotional support. Providing a space to talk, and offering evidence based reliable information, as well as experience of what you may be feeling in these first days and weeks with your new baby. Sometimes some unbiased, nurturing, reassuring words, make all the difference to your confidence in TRUSTING YOUR OWN PARENTING INSTINCTS.

Message to work out a plan for you.

Evening Support

If you would prefer, the postnatal support can be during the evenings. This may be to help with your meal time, or for you to bath, feed or settle your baby or their siblings. Please contact me with your specific needs.

Hours between 5pm-11pm (max 6 hours)

£12 per hour

£35 for 3 hour session


Maternity Nurse Service-Nights/Days

I am a qualified NNEB Nursery Nurse and offer a maternity nurse service, nights only, days only, or 24 hour 'live in' support. Please contact me with your specific needs. I have appropriate insurance and DBS checks. All areas UK and abroad considered.

From £15 per hour for days or nights only, maximum 12 hours.

Offer-£120 for 10 hours

24 hours live-in support,  from £180 per 24 hours 

Newborn Parent Course

For parents to be, grandparents or anyone who would like to learn about how to care for a new born baby. This forms part of the Birth Doula service but can be arranged as a separate class. Feeding, bathing, nappies, settling baby and so much more! Available as video sessions.

2 hour session-£25

*Please contact me if you would like support but have financial concerns/on income support.


Call free, confidential befriending service: Little Bluebell Buddy 07955 286 084


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