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Free support via email/telephone/Whatsapp is available for one hour.

Remote birth support package from £25. 

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Doula, (pronounced 'doola') is derived from a Greek word meaning 'caregiver' or 'woman servant'. In today's terms it refers to an experienced woman who offers emotional and practical support to a woman before, during and after childbirth.

Whether you are a single parent, in a couple, surrogate family, having an IVF or multiple pregnancy, or have any individual needs, all parents-to-be are welcomed, whatever your faith, race, gender, social, health or financial status. Together we can maximize your potential for a POSITIVE birth, where you feel respected and in control.

It is a good idea to talk to more than one Doula when choosing a Doula to support your birth. I offer a free first appointment at your home, a cafe (or agreed place), or at GOODBIRTH in 'The Snug', for 45mins- an hour for an informal chat. You are under no obligation to book me. It is important that women are completely comfortable with their Doula. If you do decide to book me my service can be flexible to suit your own requirements, but generally includes-

  • Two antenatal meetings (extra if needed) to ensure you and any birth partner/friend feel prepared, whatever kind of birth you have. You can choose what subjects you want to know more about. Around three hours for each meeting.

  • email/phone/text support throughout your pregnancy.

  • On call availability around the clock for your birth from around 10 days/38 weeks (can be adjusted to suit personal needs e.g twins) until your baby is born. I will come to you in labour when you ask me, and stay with you until after your baby is born. I offer continuous support that the NHS unfortunately usually can not. I will leave once you are happy for me to go, usually after you have had some food and drink, are showered and settled and your baby has fed.

  • A postnatal visit within the first two weeks to support you through any early issues and talk through your birth, around three hours. More can be arranged if needed. You can use this time for feeding support, time to rest while I take care of baby, help with first bath, time for yourself, or I can tidy/do dishes/laundry!

  • Telephone, text and email contact until your baby is 6 weeks old. You can discuss any worries or ask any questions in this early time which can help you gain confidence or just reassure you. If appropriate I will advise you to contact a midwife, GP or Health Visitor. Further postnatal support can be booked if needed.


Antenatal subjects may include:

  • Creating a Birth Plan-discussing options

  • Place of birth

  • Antenatal relaxation (Hypnobirthing if requested- please see Hypnobirthing page).

  • Preparing for birth

  • Baby's position before birth

  • The importance of hormones

  • Birth environment

  • Early labour signs and coping in early labour

  • Eating and drinking in labour

  • Stages and mechanisms of labour

  • Being mobile and active, changing positions in labour

  • Waterbirth

  • Birth partner support

  • Rebozo techniques (using a Mexican scarf)

  • Pain management options

  • Immediate postnatal issues

  • Early newborn care, feeding/bathing


The antenatal sessions are aimed to empower you to have faith in and trust your body and ability to birth. You will maximise your potential of achieving a natural birth. We will explore ways of coping with any unexpected changes of plan, whilst ensuring you remain in control.


When you feel you are ready, you can call me whatever time of day or night, to support you (and your birth partner if you have one) during early or established labour. I will support you whatever your choices are, including place of birth, pain management, unexpected complications, or anything you may wish. Our antenatal preparation will empower you to feel confident to make your own choices. If you are planning a Ceasarean birth we will explore all your options. Please see menu above for obstetric consultant pregnancy.


I am experienced in normal birth and waterbirth. Depending on your wishes I can help protect your birth environment to provide a relaxing atmosphere, protect your privacy, offer massage, ensure you have drinks and food, breathe with you, help you to try different positions, help you to the bathroom, ensure your birth partner is cared for and comfortable and support you both if plans change. I will comfort and nurture you if you want me to, or just be there quietly waiting, in case you need anything, a caring pair of hands. 


I will stay with you until after the birth of your baby. I will be with you and your baby for the first feed and in the important immediate postnatal time, I will leave when you are comfortable. During the first two weeks after the birth I will visit you at a time to suit you, to offer whatever support you may need. This may include breastfeeding support. As a qualified Nursery Nurse I can also offer practical advice about caring for your newborn baby (three hour visit). Further postnatal support can be arranged (please see postnatal services). 

Birth Doula Service -£700-800 depending on your choices.

Birth Doula Service plus Hypnobirthing - £800-900 depending on your choices*

One added 3 hour session (9 hours antenatal) Your Hypnobirthing course is incorporated  throughout your individualised antenatal meetings. You will also receive the KGH Hypnobirthing handbook and a relaxation CD or download.

(see Hypnobirthing in services menu above)

Emergency Birth Support -If you are in an emergency situation, need urgent support or have no birth partner on the day, I may be able to help. Please do contact me if you are in need. Hourly rate negotiable. Maximum fee of £200



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