Research has shown that having a Doula present at birth;

  • Shortens first time labour by an average of 2 hours

  • decreases the chance of caesarean section by 50%

  • decreases the need for pain medication

  • helps fathers participate with confidence

  • increases success in breastfeeding

(Klaus, Kenneell and Klaus, 1993)


A survey of birth Doulas in 2013 conducted by Nurturing Birth showed that;

  • Only 12.5% of births supported by Doulas ended in caesarean section, just under half the national rate of 25.5%

  • 26.3% of women had a home birth with doula support, compared with the 2.4% national rate

  • epidural uptake was less than 15% compared to a 62.9% national average (49.3% spontaneous births)

  • 96.4% of women who gave birth supported by a doula initiated breastfeeding, and of those 81.4% were still exclusively feeding at 6 weeks (as compared to 73% and 47.2%)

This research has been published in MIDRS and can also be found to download on the Nurturing Birth website 


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