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Blessing Ceremony -Baby Shower

A Blessing Ceremony provides space and time for those closest to the Mother or parent to be,* to give them positive attention and care.

A lovely alternative or addition to a Baby Shower, which will help them to feel calm and nurtured in the last days/weeks of pregnancy, or as they prepare to become a new parent.

This time together is special, it strengthens them, knowing their baby is welcomed and that they are supported and cared for. Creating a supportive circle, showing confidence in them as they approach the birth. Giving them energy through laughter, relaxation and shared experience. It also encourages the release of oxytocin, a powerful birth hormone.

*Mother, or birth parent, adopting parents, or new step parents.

Your Blessing Ceremony will be hosted by Emma Goodburn. It will be individual to each parent to be, they can decide who they want to attend, and where they want it to be held. There will be time spent before the Blessing, with Emma, planning the elements that they feel comfortable with and want to include. It is important that the parent to be does not have to host or lead the Blessing, but will be able to relax and feel nurtured by those who care for them.

The people invited will be contacted/emailed by Emma beforehand, so they will know what to expect, and the different ways they can offer their support, respect and positive wishes to the parent to be in any way they feel comfortable. 

Examples of activities to choose from are:


  • Making positive birth affirmations

  • Creating messages to the parent to be, or offering practical support pledges for the postpartum

  • Birth beads

  • Henna or body paint

  • Creating candle wishes

  • Rock painting

  • Flower garland

  • Bath salt mixing 

     and so much more.

The Blessing will be 3 hours, with music and relaxation, and activities. Food can be added if you wish, simple snacks that everyone brings with them, or more if you wish to add your own catering. Some parents to be may wish to invite other family and friends for a party or food after the Blessing.

You may choose to have the Blessing at the GOODBIRTH Snug (small space, up to 4 guests plus the Mother and Emma) your home, a friend’s home, an outdoor space, or hire a venue (it is good if the space is private).

If you are considering a Blessing and would like to know more, or would like to book, please contact Emma at GOODBIRTH. We can arrange a time to meet and begin planning your Blessing Ceremony together.

Price guide

A package can be arranged and agreed to suit your budget and individual choices. You can add or adapt activities to suit your wishes, and price will reflect the activities chosen, number of guests and venue.

Example= from £120 for 6 

Emma is prepared to hold Ceremony having attending and completed workshop facilitated by Hazel Acland Tree.

You are growing a human! This is serious
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