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Birth preparation Courses

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‘The Snug’ at GOODBIRTH is open!!! I am
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My mission is to offer all parents an affordable option for evidence based, realistic information, when for preparing for their birth.

Whatever your circumstances or background, I support all parents and all women and birthing people. I support surrogate families, those having an IVF or multiple pregnancy, or if you have any individual needs, all parents-to-be are welcomed.

Together we can maximize your potential for a POSITIVE birth, where you feel respected and in control. Together we can discuss your birth preferences, plans and options, and your parenting choices.

I have experience working in all birth settings, home, hospital and theatre. I work comfortably alongside Midwives, Doctors, Consultants and Paediatricians, with you as the person in control of all your choices.

If you are considering DOULA SUPPORT AT YOUR BIRTH, please see Birth Doula page for more information. 

Antenatal education that is focused on practical information, which will help you feel more confident about your labour and birth. A birth partner or friend can join any course free of charge, and learn ways to support you, whatever kind of birth you may have.


Private Birth Preparation Course

Your private bespoke course consists of either one or two antenatal classes, in your home (or at a venue you prefer), or at 'THE SNUG' at the GOODBIRTH office, or via video calls or zoom sessions. A birth partner or friend can attend free of charge. Subjects relevant to you will be discussed, (see below) so that you will approach your birth with more knowledge and confidence.

The antenatal class is focused on your own individual needs. You will choose which specific subjects you wish to focus on. Together we can discuss your expectations, hopes or fears. I can guide you through the information available, so that you can make truly informed choices. I can help you to work out what is fact, what is a myth and to understand your options. You can choose to have one or two meetings, depending on your availability and budget. You can add a session if you wish. Prepare for your birth in a relaxing, informal way, that is focused only on your needs.

Examples of course options:​

Hospital Birth Prep

Homebirth Birth Prep

VBAC Birth Prep

Waterbirth Birth Prep

C section Birth prep 

Induction of labour Birth Prep

Planned epidural Birth Prep


Subjects will be your choice depending on your circumstances and which course you choose, but may include:

  • Discussing your Birth Plans, options and preferences

  • Where to have your baby

  • Baby's position in late pregnancy

  • Spontaneous labour

  • Early labour signs and coping in early labour

  • The environment in the labour room

  • Induction of labour

  • Eating and drinking in labour

  • The importance of hormones

  • Stages and mechanisms of labour

  • Being mobile and active, changing positions in labour

  • Relaxation in labour

  • Birth partner support

  • Waterbirth

  • Home birth

  • Pain management options

  • Your options if things change

  • Decision making techniques

  • Massage and Rebozo scarf techniques

  • Caesarean Birth or Birth after Caesarean (VBAC)

  • Consultant care

  • Breech position

  • Multiple Birth

  • IVF 

  • Previous traumatic birth

  • Immediate postnatal issues (placenta, cutting the cord etc)

  • Postpartum preparation

  • Early new born care

Full course

Two meetings (3 hrs each) at your home or at the Snug = 6hrs £120

or via four Zoom or video calls (90 mins each) 

Birth plan changes-your options

One meeting (3 hrs) at your home or at the Snug = 3hrs £60

or each Zoom or video call (90 mins) 

I cover areas in South Devon including Torquay, Paignton, Brixham, Totnes, Dartmouth, Newton Abbott, and Teignmouth. UK/International for virtual support.

'THE SNUG' at Goodbirth in Torbay.

A relaxing, welcoming, nurturing space. Private courses available at my office in Brixham.

Please contact me for more details, dates and directions. 

Pregnancy Doula

Continuous, nurturing support throughout pregnancy. Providing a full Antenatal course, (6 hours) as well as ongoing practical, reliable information and time to discuss questions or subjects about labour, birth or the postnatal period, as they arise or evolve. Discuss your birth preferences and options, and prepare to become a parent. Sessions may be in your home, at The Snug, or via zoom or WhatsApp live meetings. Email and message support (especially during the last days/weeks of your pregnancy) is included. 

(In person/virtual- £200)  

Hypnobirthing courses

Please see service menu above

Birth Debrief 

Talking through a previous birth experience, in a supportive, non judgmental, confidential session. A nurturing, positive start to help you prepare for your next birth with more confidence. This is not a Counselling service, and you will be advised to seek formal Counselling if needed. Birth partner or friend welcome to attend free.

2 hour session - £40 or included in booked Birth Doula service, Pregnancy Doula service or Hypnobirthing courses

Please contact me to discuss your needs. I believe all parents should have access to all these services regardless of circumstance or finances. Flexible times and prices can be discussed. Skill/service swap considered.  DOULA UK AND DOULAS WITHOUT BORDERS ALSO OFFER SUPPORT.

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